afforable grooming
for your pet

Why Choose The Grooming Emporium?

We Groom Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

We specialize in grooming and bathing dogs and cats. We’re also happy to work with your small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits.

We Offer Low-stress Handling

We do our very best to ensure a low-stress experience for your pet. Rest assured, your cat or dog will be in gentle hands.

We Offer Quality Products & Service

We use all-natural shampoo that’s safe for both you and your pet. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality in grooming.

Who We Are

The Grooming Emporium is a full-service grooming salon for your dog, cat or small animal. Our friendly grooming staff is highly experienced in providing pets and owners with the best service in the business. We’re conveniently located along the Merrimack River in Lowell, MA.

The Grooming Emporium offers full grooms, baths and nail trims at affordable prices. Our low-stress handling practices ensure that your pet will enjoy as calm of an experience as possible. Our goal is to send your pets home both looking good and feeling good.